What is Nomadic Profits?

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Firstly, What is Nomadic Profits (NP for short)?

NP has two parts:
1) It’s an Offers Website (like Groupon, etc.) for the Home-based Business market.

2) It’s a way for people to make money off those offers.

NP’s strategy works because people like incredible deals and they want to make money

from home. That’s why you wont have trouble making money with NP.

How Do You Make Money With NP?

You make money by promoting your unique NP promotional link:


Every time someone buys one of the offers on the main page YOU get paid 100%

commissions, sometimes instantly into your PayPal account.

Your Website will be imbedded with your personal affiliate links so you get credit

for all sales generated. We even have “cookies” in place that tag your visitors so

you wont lose sales.

You’ll also have a chance to build a downline of referrals. Every time someone

signs up for a free NP website from your NP promotional link, they are placed

under you. You will be their sponsor and you’ll have a chance to make money

with them with your Premium Account.

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That’s It! You’re ready to start making money. Now start marketing (promoting)

your link to get traffic to your website. More on that in the “Marketing” & “Resources” sections.

To Your Success!

Doug Dawson


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